Things I’ve done right!


Very rarely something may emerge complete and perfect in a flash, but far oftener greatness is the result of long labour and constant attention to detail. William Barclay, THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW Reference:  THE ETERNAL VISION-THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION OF SPIRITUAL QUOTATIONS compiled by William Sykes 2003


Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street (Zig Ziglar).  Many people (myself included) have quit in the face of a failure as if that was the end of it.  It really wasn’t the end–it was only an out of the way path which could have still led to ultimate success.  The difference between succeeding…


There comes a time when we have to believe where we cannot prove, and to accept where we cannot understand.  If, even in the darkest hour, we believe that somehow there is purpose in life, and that somehow that purpose is love, then even the unbearable becomes bearable, and even in the darkness there is…


Time is valuable and I hate wasting it.  Being efficient and organized, I tend to look for the fastest way to accomplish a task.  I’ve found, however, that the fastest way to address an issue or problem is not always the best.  Sometimes taking more time to get something right or accomplishing the best possible…