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I am an over 50-year-old married woman who works outside the home as a licensed clinical social worker in a public agency.  I have five wonderful adult children.  I have four amazingly perfect grandchildren.  My husband and I live in a rural, farming community on several acres of land with our two horses, cat, and dog.  My husband works full-time maintaining the land, home, and animals.  He works much harder than I do and I am very thankful for him.  I have much experience in what does not work, in broken vows, and in heart-breaks that never completely heal.  I am discovering what does work and will be sharing these insights, among other things, with you.  I have made many mistakes across all areas of my life:  personal, spiritual, parenting, work, and relationships.  I have learned most of my lessons the hard way.  It has taken me years to feel some level of peace within myself and my life in spite of the mistakes I’ve made.  I am not perfect and do not think I will ever be what I need to be.  I won’t give up trying.  I struggle every day to cope with the past, try to make a positive difference in the present,and strive to create a future that pleases God.  I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I will be the first to say I am not a good disciple.  This is another area that is a constant struggle for me.  I respect the free will of all people regardless of their faith, religion, or lack thereof.  I do not think it’s my place to change anyone’s mind about what they believe although I will express my own views whether you agree or not.  Ultimately I hope to help hurt people in a hurtful world.



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