On one of our more recent camping trips (May 2020), my husband, Ray, and I went on a “short” hike.  According to the map, the hike was 1.25 miles which, to my calculation, should take from 15 to 30 minutes.  I took 1 bottle of water and I suggested Ray take one as well which he declined (“we won’t be gone that long”). Well, after what seemed like 2 hours on this trail, I became convinced we were lost and decided to ration the 1 bottle of water.  When it reached the half way mark I offered it to Ray who, again, declined.  I decided  I’d save it for him for later as, his life  might depend on it.  About an hour later we began seeing signs and markers indicating we were, indeed, not lost and we identified the direction of a road in case we needed to exit the trail.  We were saved.  So, I decided to drink the other half of the water.  Just as I had lifted the bottle to finish off the last mouth full, Ray approached and, seeing what I was doing, said “I’ll have my half of the water now”.  I spewed the last mouthful out on the ground laughing.  Then, as I watched it sink in the earth I thought, “now I’m going to die”.  I am not a hiker.  I am a reader.  I know what happens on innocent looking trails.  Thank you Drew Magary THE HIKE, Tana French IN THE WOODS, and Kay Bratt DANCING WITH THE SUN.

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