They who don’t intend to pay,

Will promise payment any day.

Old English Proverb

I am trying to remember a single time someone borrowed money from me and actually paid it back.  The two most hurtful cases,  which seemed like they flicked me off AND spit in my face were: 1.  A sister who borrowed $50 “until payday” and all I asked was she pay me $5 per payday until it was paid back.  Zero paid and I’m pretty sure she’s had some paydays in the last several years.  2.  I bankrolled the upfront cost for my daughter to hire an attorney to collect child support using the last penny I had saved ($600) AND included reimbursement of the cost in the filing.  She not only was awarded her child support, she was also awarded the requested legal reimbursement.  She collected the $600 from the court ruling AND KEPT IT HERSELF.   There were others but these were family which hurt the most.  The $50 to my sister was the very last dime I ever lent anyone and I will never “lend” again.  People suck–they really, really do.



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  1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had these unfortunate experiences. You’re a compassionate person and you are willing to help people. Unfortunately, the people who need us often take us for granted. There are tons of blog posts giving advice about loaning money to close friends and family members. Someone I knew pleaded for cash handouts and complained of being near poverty, but I found out that the cash was given away to acquaintances. After I found out happened, I made it a policy to only donate time – advice, attention, and skills. I wish people would respect other people’s resources as much as they covet them. Until then, we need hard boundaries.

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