I never could tell a lie that anyone would doubt, nor a truth that anybody would believe.  Mark Twain

Sometimes we don’t want to know the truth, even when we say we do.  Some truths are very hard to live with.  The truth of our mistakes, the truth of our faults, the truth of our character–we don’t want to admit these things out loud.  We would prefer truths haunt us in the night where no one can see, where no one will know.  In the day light we would rather hear a good lie reported as truth.  We are creatures of denial.  We like to believe in our delusions.  We get angry when someone dares to point out the fallacy of our truths.  We don’t want to know what people really think about us.  We like polite statements that feed into our public persona.  We want to be told we look fine, and we are fine–all the time.  We are smart regardless of the stupidity that flows from our mouths.  We are beautiful with our ridiculous camouflages’.   We want to be told the dress looks great on us even when the color washes us out or the cut emphasizes our extra weight.  We want affirmation that our haircut is the best one we’ve ever had and “takes ten years off”.  We enjoy the lies and depend on other people’s manners to get us through our day.  We live.  We cope.  We lie.  Most of all, we lie.


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