This post started out being about how much I hate the toaster over my husband, Ray, bought for the house.  I spent MINUTES UPON MINUTES trying to figure out how to operate it to heat up my full bag of frozen, ranch, buffalo, chicken nuggets.  I FINALLY figured out how to set the temperature to 350 degrees but NEVER was able to figure out how to set the timer.  So, I had to come up with another way to time it.  I was so upset by the time I got my toaster oven going that I seriously decided to BUY ANOTHER toaster oven for myself–one with the “old fashioned” dials.  I had picked one out on Amazon and almost actually ordered it and suddenly it hit me.  This is what they mean by “white people problem”.  Then I thought, “why does it have to be white people”?  “Isn’t it rather presumptuous of me to think that only white people have fancy toaster ovens”?  Then I remembered my wise son, Emerson,  who, in 2012, told me that “white people problem” was changed to “first world problem” to be less offensive and more politically correct.  One thing led to a thousand and I actually looked up “white people problems versus first world problems”.  THEN I made an “amazing” discovery.  The phrase “white people problems” was invented by a comedian named Lewis C. K.  THEN I started watching Lewis C. K. YouTube videos.  He is “hilarious”!  I highly recommend watching his videos.  (Warning: he admittedly likes to masturbate in front of people.)  My chicken nuggets were delicious.  By the way, I was still whining about the toaster oven when Ray came in for lunch and he said, “just read the instructions” to which I replied, “I shouldn’t HAVE to do that”, it “should be simple enough without having to READ the instructions”.  He knows not to respond anymore.


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