Okay, I admit, maybe, part of me is jealous of all these people who are either being paid to work from home or are independently wealthy enough to do so.  Day after day all I see in the news and on social media is all these people talking about how hard it is to have to stay at home now.  I wonder, how many people are actually being able to stay at home without losing their income or means of support?   I work with a co-worker who was forced to stay at home for quarantine and she was terrified the entire time.  She was out of leave at work and could not get a COVID test to prove she did not have COVID to be allowed to return to work.  She, eventually, was able to get a COVD test (negative) but only after missing work, with fear of being off payroll, for ten days.  She was not posting on social meeting all of this fake “poor me” stuff.  Again, she was scared every minute of every day.  Not only was she afraid for her income but she was also panicked for her children who were home with her.  What if she did have COVID?  She was possibly exposing her children and they were having sniffles.  It was petrifying for her.  NOT FUN.  So, no, it’s not funny to me all these jokes about having to stay home.  The people who are not working and not getting paid aren’t laughing either.  The people who still have to work thus exposing themselves and their families to possible exposure to COVID aren’t having fun either.  People working in health care, fast food, delivery, and other business that are still operating and still in need of their workforce are not posting jokes about it.  The people behind the scenes who are making it possible for those at home to continue shopping online and have food delivered to their door aren’t even complaining (real or fake).  Health care workers are not the real heroes here (although I do thank them and am one of them).  The real heroes are the lowest paid people, still without healthcare, and without paid leave who are tirelessly and pleasantly handing the burgers out the drive through windows to us, dropping our packages at our door, and filling our silly orders from online shopping.  Hat’s off to you silent heroes and God bless you.  Amazon and Etsy, when will my masks get here?



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