If all the kids end up being like this young lady, Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli, then the world will not be in bad hands.  Sure, it’s easy to judge her based on the one episode of the Dr. Phil Show, however, few people know (or acknowledge) that one of the first things this young lady did when she started making money was to pay off her mother’s house.  How many of us could brag about how we acted as teenagers or how we treated our parents?  I know I couldn’t.  It’s easy to judge others without recognizing that none of us are in a position to judge others.  Ms. Bregoli has done well for herself and with some age and maturity she is going to surprise her critics.  Deep inside is a generous heart and that is her true self.  Not the silly, teenage antics that she became famous for.  Even on her first Dr. Phil episode, she demonstrated fearless confidence and poise.  Few adults could have handled themselves as well.   The studies actually show that strong willed children, although challenging to raise, make strong, independent, adults.  What do the studies say about people who put other people down or publicly bully? Ms. Bregoli was, in fact, being bullied and publicly shamed on the Dr. Phil show and she stood her ground–bravo!


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