In a meeting the other day my boss was laughing along with the rest of us (from I joke I just said) and then she said “and she has no filter” (talking about me).  I immediately rewound in my head what I had just said to check it for inappropriateness.  In my mind what I said was perfectly fine.  But was it?  One thing about my work place is that employees come from all over the United States and even the world.  Given the vast diversity, there are cultural differences that may lead to misunderstandings.  My workplace is in Georgia which is where I spent most of my life.  However, very few of my co-workers are from the south.  Growing up in a highly verbal family, I could very well be saying things that I don’t realize are inappropriate for the work place.  I do remember one of my uncles asking my aunt, “have you ever had a thought you didn’t share?”  My aunt replied “no, but if I do I’ll let you know”.  The more surprising thing is that I think of myself as a quiet, reserved, guarded individual.  I may be deluding myself.  In retrospect I do remember most (if not all) of my elementary report cards noting under behavior “Diane talks too much”.  Again, I think of myself as very quiet.  I was thinking after my boss’s comment “she should hear what I think and don’t say”.  She, by the way, is from New Jersey which, maybe, is different than southern Georgia.  Anyway, given that I do score rather high on Asperger’s screenings (“85% of people who score the same as you go on to be diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome”), I decided to begin a self-study effort to improve my professional etiquette.  In doing so, I came a across a couple of books that made me laugh out loud (and added them to my wish list on audible).  I was tempted to buy the “Reply All” book for every single one of my team-mates” (they are only $1.99 used). But if I did would that be, also, inappropriate?  I decided to wait until my self-imposed course of study is complete to decide.

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