After decades of purchasing and wearing a specific bra size which I don’t even know how it was determined, I finally researched and measured myself for my correct bra size.  According to the measurements, I ordered bra sizes drastically different than what I was used to buying.  The size, according to the measurements, was 2 inches smaller on the band size and THREE SIZES LARGER on the cup size.  I was very skeptical the bras would fit and imagined the cup size being grossly oversized.  I almost cancelled the order and I kept remeasuring thinking I did something wrong.  I kept telling myself “measurements don’t lie” and finally the first shipment of new bras arrived.  They fit perfectly.  In addition to fitting perfectly, my figure looked better.  Apparently I’ve been squishing my bust area creating a completely different appearance for my clothing.  It may take some getting use to–this new silhouette–but it is, in fact, the real figure I have.  I encourage you to take the time and measure yourself correctly to make sure you are, in fact, wearing the correct bra size.

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