As I was, yet again, dealing with unwanted attention from a male, I asked myself “how old does a woman have to be before she doesn’t have to deal with this anymore”?  As a woman in her 50’s who is overweight, wears minimal makeup, and takes very little care in her appearance, it amazes me I still get unwanted “passes” from men.

I pondered this phenomenon for a while and thought back to when I first started having to manage unwanted attention from males.  I pinpointed my very first experience in kindergarten in the person of a classmate named “Jim Graham”.  Now, I’m not trying to imply that I was sexually harassed in kindergarten by my 5 year old classmate.  However, the experience, none-the-less, is my very first memory of unwanted attention from a male.  The experience did qualify as harassment although not sexual.

Every morning before class started, Jim would reach over from his desk to tickle me.  I, of course, would laugh out loud while he jerked his hands back and pretended to be looking elsewhere.  The teacher would reprimand me for making noise.  This happened every single day.  This is my memory of first being harassed by a boy.  I’m the one who got in trouble.

Here’s me hoping that in the 2020 men will just leave me alone if they cannot be respectful and unannoying.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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