I’ve thought and thought about how to go about writing my memoir.  I could just start at the beginning and include everything I can remember–good or bad.  That would be depressing…and embarrassing.  I could outline the highlights of my life–only the good.  That would be a lie…and boring.  I could share all the turning points of my life.  That would be possibly interesting although, again, some would be very sad (and shameful).  I could write my memoir based on the places I’ve lived—one after the other.  That might work.  It could be tedious.   I could write about each of the “chapters” in my life.  You know, there would be seasons of sameness until something happened and a new era began–for better or for worse.  Some of those season are best forgotten.  Until I figure it all out, I’m writing about the good memories I have of people–mostly friends–but some are family.  That may get me by for a while.  Telling about my life by friendships and good memories of people is at least a start.  We shall see!




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