Have you ever wondered why people get so upset about what others say?  Why are people viciously attacked for expressing opinions others disagree with?  Why is freedom of speech so important and the most attacked freedom of all.  Why is the first freedom to be infringed upon is the freedom of speech?  It’s because the truth (whatever it may be in any one situation) is written on people’s heart.  When people hear (or read) the truth they instinctively know it.  Those who are against the truth then will become angry.  Those who are seeking the truth will recognize it immediately.  We don’t have to argue, prove, or harass people into believing the truth.  People hear (or read) the truth and know it instantly. Then, they decide for themselves whether they will accept the truth or reject it.  That’s the end of it.  There is no need to harass, bully, or torment people into believing.


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