Courtesy on one side never lasts long. (Dictionary of English Proverbs/Thomas Preston)  Turning the other cheek only works for so long.  Eventually, we need to remove ourselves from relationships in which we are constantly being disrespected or abused.  A relationship in which only one person is being respectful and considerate is not a relationship at all.  We were not born to be another person’s punching bag, scapegoat, or whipping post.  Constantly subjecting ourselves to people who we know treat us poorly is a form of idolatry.  We are not meant to worship other people.  Allowing other’s to abuse and disrespect us implies that the other is somehow more important or valuable as a human than we are.  We are all made in God’s image.  We are all equal in the eyes of God.  We are here to serve the greater good, our higher power, and that is not another person.  The more time we waste in bad relationships, the less time we have to fulfill our true purpose, our mission, and our real destiny.  Let’s not allow others to distract us like this.


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