A generous confession disarms slander. (Dictionary of English Proverbs/Thomas Preston)  Personally, I think no response at all is better.  It’s no one’s business what I did or did not do.  Responding to gossip or slander, in my opinion, gives it more power.  There are probably exceptions.  I suppose if the slander were true I would not necessarily deny or try to cover it up.  On the other hand, I probably would not go out of my way to address it or announce it.  My mother always said, “don’t worry about what people are saying about you because even if it’s true, your friends won’t believe it and even if it’s not true, your enemies will believe it anyway”.  I once had a lady at church (years ago) come up to me and say, “do you want to know the latest people are saying about you?”  I said, “no”.  She stared blankly at me a minute and then walked away.




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