You cannot catch birds by throwing stones at them (Dumpy Proverbs/Honor Appleton).  Well, this is not exactly true.  After school one day (when I was about 13), I was hanging out at my dad’s workplace (a chicken plant).  My dad was the mechanic and his shop was in the back of the building.  There were chickens running around (those that escaped).  The policy at the time was that if you caught the chicken, you could keep the chicken.  I fruitlessly tried to catch a particular chicken until I finally gave up.  In exacerbation, I picked up something the size of my palm off the ground and threw it at the chicken.  Much to my surprise, I hit the chicken with the object I threw (apparently I hit it in the head).  The poor thing fell over and I thought I had killed it.  My dad checked the chicken out and said “it’ll wake up in a minute”.  I had knocked it unconscious.  My dad scooped it up and put it in the back of the truck.  Sure enough, after a minute or two, the chicken woke up, shook it’s head and started walking around in the back of the truck.  I felt so bad by then that I just let it go.

white chicken on a concrete pavement
Photo by Luke Barkhuizen on

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