Gold alone makes not prosperity (Old English Proverb).  How did our society end up with such a worshipful value on money and wealth?  It wasn’t that long ago, in the history of mankind, that people strived more for food, shelter, clothing, and above that was family, friendship, faith, and fellow ship.  Perhaps there have always been those throughout history that wielded power based on wealth.  On the other hand, when we look at what makes for a happy, enjoyable life, it’s not necessarily equated with money and things.  There are people with little net-worth financially who are incredibly happy and content.  There are even more people with great wealth who are never quite at peace.  Money does pay for things and we can have some enjoyment from a lovely home, a nice car, and entertainment.   However, without the things in our lives that money cannot buy–love, meaning, character, relationships purpose, etc…., wealth will not feel very prosperous.  While money in and of itself is not bad, the valuing of money above anything else is very destructive.



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