Many things grow in the garden that were never planted there (Old English Proverb).  Although we do “reap what we sow”, we sometimes, also, reap what others sow or what was already there in the first place.  We are wise to exercise discernment and wisdom with what shows up in our lives and not always accept what presents on it’s own accord.  It’s important to carefully weigh options, opportunities, invitations, requests, and pretty much everything that shows up without your own initiative.  It’s important not to accept or reject things across the board.  Each and every decision or choice warrants some thought and decision-making process to help us make the very best decisions in our lives.  Don’t make decisions based on what’s offered or presented.  Take some control to influence and manage your life and, most assuredly, filter each and every person or thing before you allow it’s entry into your life.


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