It’s embarrassing, on behalf of our country, how people are acting over the presidential election and the disagreements among us in regards to the candidates we support or not support.  Regardless of who wins an election, it’s the process that is important and the office itself that should be respected.  So your candidate lost this time? Move on  with your life.  Continuing to fight over an election that is over is not only a waste of time but is a disrespect of our country as a whole.  People run for office, people vote, and one of the candidates is elected.  Whether we agree or disagree that’s the way it works.  The last two presidential elections, however, have been polarizing to say the least.  The winner wins and those supporting the losers spend the next four years trying to reverse the results of the election.  We have to ask ourselves, are we going to be a constitutional republic or not?  How can we possibly say “yes” to being a constitutional republic when we pitch four-year long tantrums when our candidate does not win?  What is even more frightening this election is that now even those who openly support the winning candidate are being vilified, harassed, and bullied simply for supporting the president of our country .  It’s considered “hate speech” to openly support the candidate you voted for and who, actually, won.  We are creeping closer and closer to a totalitarian government when we prohibit speech we disagree with and use mob mentality to advocate the restriction of the rights of those we disagree with.  Regardless of who wins our presidential election, we simply move on.  There will be another election, another candidate, and another president one day.  Our presidents really do not have as much power and influence as we make out they do.  If you are really concerned about how our country is going, look a little harder at those elected officials who can remain in power for the rest of their lives.  Of the three branches of the United States of America’s government (legislative, judicial, and executive), the president has the least amount of long-term influence whereas the legislative has the most.  Those who control the money control our country.  Stop acting like mindless pawns and start thinking about where you can make the most impact for lasting change.  Is it really going to make much difference to shout more insults and verbal abuse at the elected president and those who support him?  If you disrespect the rights of those you disagree with then you, ultimately, disrespect your own.  When your candidate wins then enjoy the victory.  When your candidate loses then at least respect yourself enough not to act like a spoiled, entitled child who has never heard the word “no”.   Really–it’s embarrassing.


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