I deactivated my main social media account (the one that starts with “F” and ends with “hours of your life you will never get back”).  I have not missed it nearly as much as I thought I would.  The down side has been not being in the loop on happenings with relatives and friends.  I did miss a major announcement about the funeral of my uncle but, in reality, I would not have been able to attend anyway.  I also realized how much I used the associated private messenger to  communicate with my children and my best friend. Fortunately, it was easy to switch to text and, in a real emergency, the world won’t end if I actually call someone on the phone!  Without the social media account, I hardly spend any time on my phone except to read a book, check the weather, and skim the news.  Mostly, I’ve spent more time on my blog which, hopefully, is more productive.  I actually have two blogs.  This one (Webb Wisdom) and another one (Veterans One Hand Up).  I’ve kept Webb Wisdom up pretty good regardless but I have truly neglected Veterans One Hand Up.  I hope to make up for lost time for that one.  By the way, I did not delete my social media account.  I only deactivated it.  That means I can always go back to get the pictures or videos from my life over the years if I want to.

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