When the fox preaches, beware of your geese.   (Dictionary of English Proverbs/Thomas Preston)

Have you been part of a religious organization that placed a higher priority on the building, congregation, or minister than it did God?  Have you noticed specific religious leaders whose message was designed to get you to donate your money, resources, or time to their personal benefit?  Be aware that all preachers are not necessarily representing God’s best interest neither are all churches.  God, actually, does not need your money and if God does want you to contribute your time, money, or resources to a specific cause you won’t need a preacher to tell you.  God has a way of communicating with each and every one of us in ways that we are very clear in the message.  It may not be the same way of communicating with all of us.  Each of us has our own individual way of hearing God’s voice and it won’t be loud, in-your-face, and guilt-tripping.  Believe it!


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