“Barefooted men should not tread upon thorns” (Dumpy Proverbs/Honor Appleton).

Have you ever been around someone who put themselves in a situation and then wanted everything (or everyone )around them to change for them?  Perhaps they agreed to visit you in your home (knowing you have a cat) and then expect you to lock away your cat because they have allergies?  Or maybe you have a co-worker who applied for and accepted their position in the company, and then immediately began to complain and ask for the company to change (or the expectations of the position to change)?  You may have other examples of this happening.  Basically, it’s about people who expect others to accommodate them and their needs regardless of their own responsibility for themselves and without acknowledging their own role in creating the situation they find themselves in.  If you don’t like loud noises, don’t go to concerts, bars, busy restaurants, or firework displays.  It’s that simple.  Don’t put yourself in situations that you cannot tolerate.  Don’t remain in a relationship or job if you are only going to complain.  Take some responsibility for helping yourself and taking steps to get yourself in whatever circumstance fits your particular wants, desires, and preferences.  (Picture:



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