No gains without pains. (Dictionary of English Proverbs/Thomas Preston)

This proverb came to me right on time.  I’ve been trying to decide whether I did the right thing applying for a particular promotion at work (whether I really want it or not).  It’s going to be much more difficult than the job I have now.  It will be more stressful, more challenging, and more time-consuming.  On the other hand, there is a significant raise.  Also, the experience will open doors for additional opportunity in the future.  My dilemma is whether I prefer to remain in my comfort zone, or whether I am willing to stretch myself and experience a more difficult work load in order to gain more financial stability and visibility in the agency.  Actually, I have applied for three promotions (all three the same pay grade).  Of the three, the one I feel more likely to get is the one I’ve mentioned here.  The other two would not be more stressful at all.  I may not get any of the three.  I  may get one of the less stressful ones.  Regardless, I need to be willing to accept the most difficult one if I want to advance in the agency.



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