When my children were children, I created what I called a “forever no” list.  If anything on this list was ever asked for again, the answer would always be “no” with no hope of ever changing my mind or talking me into it.  This list was used when one of the children would not accept “no” for an answer.  Only after about 10-12 times being told “no” on the same day would something become eligible for the “forever no” list.  Usually, being told the thing would be added to the “forever no” list if they asked again was enough to stop the harassment.  I can only remember two things that actually made it to the “forever no” list.  One was “another baby brother” and the other was “going to Michaels house”.  Well, after all these years (decades really), I finally had to reinstate the “forever no” list.  This was a last resort to stop being subjected to what can only pass as corn soup.  I’m not normally a selective eater and will eat whatever is set before me, including corn soup.  I’ve reminded my husband over and over again that canned cream corn is a waste of money.  It’s mostly water and tastes bland at best.  Frozen creamed corn is great and canned whole kernel corn is acceptable.  I just simply decided I do not want to be subjected to having to eat creamed can corn ever again.  My husband agrees yet, invariable, it appears in the cupboard again and again.  I hate wasting food so I eat it none-the-less.  Today (10/27/18) it became the first item on the reinstated “forever no” list.  If purchased, I will not eat it and will not feel bad for giving it to the dog!


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