“Quitting is not the answer. Life is not fair, and you can’t quit every time something unfair happens to you.” John Grisham, The Activist




  1. Wikipedia says that john is
    Grisham has been a Christian since he was eight years old, and has described his conversion to Christianity as “the most important event” in his life. After leaving law school, he participated in some missionary work in Brazil, under the First Baptist Church of Oxford.[11]

    Oh my SIGH.. Methinketh tho one that doesn’t have the renewed mind

    So fed me that issue perhaps beeth resolvedeth:)


  2. Is God fair in all things THO?
    Such that all problems relate in some fashion to ones KARMA that would include past lifetimes..tho most Christians don’t recognize such?
    HMMM METHINKS JOHN PERHAPS LACKETH A RENEWED BIBLICAL MIND OF DEEPER UNDERSTANDING AND HE CAN SUCK ONE INTO AN UNHEALTHY VORTEX OF MIND..8}Lo this have I found, said Ecclesiastes, weighing one thing after another, that I might find out the account, 28{29}Which yet my soul seeketh, and I have not found it. One man among a thousand I have found, a woman among them all I have not found. 29{30}Only this I have found, that God made man right, and he hath entangled himself with an infinity of questions. Who is as the wise man? and who hath known the resolution of the word

    Where WOMAN is the darkened heart and not the wise woman of PROVERBS..rather ones unresolved KARMIC past that has not been convicted of its past KARMIC guilt and. Has not repented and accepted the holy spirit and not. Received the renewed heart


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