All or nothing thinking in which a person, a cause, a group, or any other category is completely wrong or completely right is a sign to question the message and the messenger.  No one person is all bad or all good.  No one group of people are all righteous or all evil.  It’s not possible for a person or group of people to have zero good qualities or zero bad qualities.  When reading a post, article, or position of an individual, beware of the all or nothing mentality.  If you recognize the all or nothing mind set, then the individual you are dealing with is biased and the information you are being given is distorted in a way that only presents the side that supports a personal agenda to the exclusion of all the available data.  If my goal is to “prove” that dogs (for example) are evil, I will refuse to even listen to examples of a specific dog who was heroic or good in any way.  This caution especially applies to public causes either for or against something (or someone).  You may be, in general, in favor of a person or cause however if you cannot admit or acknowledge that the person you don’t like also has good qualities or the person you dislike has good qualities then you are not really a credible source of information.  It’s  simply not possible for things to be all one way.  I may dislike cold weather although I can admit the snow is beautiful or the cold is helpful in some way.  I took some time to look up quotes by various people in history that represented a cause.  I was able to find quotes that I agreed with in every case whether I supported the cause of the individual or not.  I was also able to find quotes by the same person that I disagreed with.  It’s not all or nothing.

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