One way to determine if you are on the side of right is to pay attention to your opponents fight or argument strategy.  This method has been quoted in various ways and attributed to several different people.  It is a version of “if truth is on your side then focus on the truth; if the law is on your side then focus on the law; and if neither truth nor law is on your side then attack the witness”.   If you are on the receiving end of a personal and derogatory attack of words (character assassination, name-calling, etc…) then this should alert you to the strong possibility you are on the side of right.  Otherwise, why would the other individual be attacking you rather than emphasizing the facts or laws that prove them right?  Truth can be proven.  Law can be proven.  Character attacks are diversionary tactics to confuse, disarm, bully, and intimidate.  The sole goal of this type of attack is to make you give in and back off.  The sad thing is that this strategy is often successful.  Many people drop their case, stop fighting, give in, or otherwise discontinue the effort to stand up for themselves when their opponent resorts to personal attacks.  Personal attacks are the desperate last-ditch efforts of a person on the losing side of an argument with no other options to win their case.  It is very uncomfortable being on the receiving end of this type of tactic (it’s abusive).  On the other hand, if you persist in the fight, focus on the truth, focus on the law, and don’t cave in to the pressure, your likelihood of prevailing is very high.  This is my opinion and I could be wrong (I often am).


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