Sometimes my head hurts from looking at all the divisiveness in our world (always it hurts my heart).  It seems that almost every conceivable group is being pitted against another.  Whatever the cause, only one thing appears to matter–which group you are assigned to in any given disagreement.  If the cause is prejudice, then the only factor that matters is race.  If the cause is government, then the only thing that matters is your political party.  If the cause is poverty, then the only thing that matters is how much money you have (regardless of how you got it).  If the problem is sexism, then the only thing that matters is your gender.  If the problem is intolerance then the only thing that matters is your religion.  My head hurts and my heart aches because of all the groups I’m part of and some of these are overlapping and, apparently, in conflict with each other.  Being a white, female, conservative, Christ following, swing voting, Florida born, Georgia living, natural-born American, gainfully employed, introverted, meat-eating, rural living, pick-up driving, cat lover–there are at least fifteen groups of people right there that hate me.   Basically, someone hates me no matter what.  Even among Christians I am subject to be hated (disguised as concern) because I don’t believe the same as other Christians (never mind the thousands of denominations).  I don’t believe people are going to hell because they are gay.  I believe drinking alcohol in moderation is perfectly fine.  I don’t go to church. It’s my opinion, and I could be wrong (I often am), that the only thing that matters is what I believe about Jesus Christ.  Nothing else really defines me other than to emphasize my humanity and my need for Jesus.  Oh, by the way, I don’t believe Jesus is white.



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