When you find yourself resorting to name-calling, you’ve already lost the argument.  The problem with calling people names (racist, sexist, liberal, etc…) is that in any other context (like kindergarten for example), it’s a behavior problem and usually looked down upon.  No one, really, is going to be inspired to look closely at themselves in response to being called a name.  In reality, most people will dig in deeper and return the hostility in response to being judged by a label–especially toward a stranger.  In a relationship, it’s verbal abuse and a clear sign of a toxic relationship.  Instead, describe behavior that you don’t like or disagree with.  There is no need to attack a person as a person by slinging labels or epitaphs at them.  Who are you to assign labels to another person simply by your interpretation of how they look, their opinion, or their any number of superficial factors?  As you are a complicated individual with a variety of characteristics, so too is everyone else in the world.  If we are going to disagree then simply disagreed.  Stay mature, classy, and respectful.  People don’t always agree with you either.  And anyway, “it takes one to know one” (joking).

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