The list of things I could improve is very long.  I could be in better shape.  I could spend less time reading and playing on my computer.  I could eat slower and have smaller portions.  I could listen more and never, ever express my own opinion.  I could clean my vehicle.  I could wear more make-up.  I could fix my hair.  I could dress up better.  I could wear higher heels.  I could add jewelry and accessorize.  I could match my clothes more stylishly.  I could spend less money.  I could pay more attention to others.  I could clean my house once in a while.  I could buy more people birthday and Christmas gifts.  I could call people on the telephone.  I could write letters.  I could do more for others.  If I accomplished all of these things I would not be happy.  I would not be myself.  I would only be trying to be what others want me to be.  Instead I will work to improve my mind, my character, my self-control (as I define it), my walk with Christ, and my ability to show respect and kindness to every single person I interact with.  For a start, I will work on not speaking until the other person is completely finished and wants me to speak–otherwise, I will just listen.  That’s the biggest goal I have for myself.


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