Day 1.  Listen to people without responding (other than to nod and acknowledge what they have said).  Do not offer your opinion or launch into something about yourself.  Just listen to others and listen to them completely until they are 100% finished.  If someone looks at you expectantly or asks you a question then respond (and only about their point of view and what they have said–not about your point of view or what you think).

Day 2.  Compliment people on personality traits, character, values, and innate talent (not looks or skill based achievements).  Tell people you appreciate how they handled a situation, how they demonstrate respect, things about their values or character you admire, or how they demonstrated natural born talent in a specific area.

Day 3.  Tell people you appreciate them, what they’ve done, who they are, how they’ve helped you, or any other thing they have or have not done that has benefited you in some way.

Day 4.  Express thankfulness and gratitude as often as you can for everything you can.

Day 5.  Eliminate any and all forms of criticism or negativity.  Do not criticize yourself or anyone else (including groups of people, organizations, the weather, or anything else).  If you catch yourself saying something negative or critical take it back and come up with three positive or good things to over write the negative or critical thing you said.

Day 6.  Practice not wanting anything.  Every time you think of something you want (or say something you want) redirect the thought or desire by repeating (to yourself or out loud) “I shall not want”.

Day 7.   Listen to classical, quiet instrumental, or relaxation music at least 30 minutes (longer if you can).  This would be music without words–no words at all.

Day 8.  Be quiet and still as much and as often as you can today.  Turn off the noise makers.  Stop talking.  Stop moving around.  Stop doing something.  Stop, stop, stop and be still, still, still.





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