What I wish I could tell my two sons-in-laws is that they are answers to my prayer for my daughter’s.  I do not have the greatest relationship with my grown daughters.  I have failed them in many ways.  What they don’t know is I spent many years praying only one prayer for them (beginning when they were young).  That prayer was that each of my three children (I have one unmarried son) would marry the person God selected for them.  I prayed my children would not have to go through divorce and remarriage because of marrying  the wrong person.  Marrying the wrong person takes a toil on you that you never completely recover from.  Following a bad marriage you are injured emotionally and that injury is permanent.  Although you may recover to a certain extent and move on, there are pieces of you missing.  You lose something you never get back.  Call it what you will.  It’s a life altering experience.  Marrying the wrong person, in a way, can truly “ruin your life and make wretched your destiny”.  I don’t always acknowledge my sons-in-laws.  They get sporadic birthday gifts (like on a seven year cycle or something like that).  Their Christmas gifts are often dumb or they are included on a gift meant for my daughters.  I’m a terrible mother-in-law.  I’m a terrible mother.  One thing I know I did right is praying for God to block my children from marrying the wrong person and open the door for them to only marry the right spouse for them (according to God’s will).  With both of my sons-in-laws I believe God answered my prayers.


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