In looking through a 2017 calendar with healthy recipes featured each month I thought to myself “I’d rather be fat if eating if this is what it takes to lose weight”.  Now, I am known for my adventurous tastes in food.  I’ll try most anything once.  I’ve met few foods I wouldn’t eat (like maybe 2 in my life).  These recipes sound so bizarre I cannot even imaging trying them.  It does seem we only have two choices:  gain weight or eat dirt.  I have struggled to maintain my weight since puberty. I am not overweight but I have been.  If I don’t carefully watch my eating habits my weight just climbs and climbs.  Once I decided to see what my “natural” weight would be if I just ate “normally”.  I finally had to stop after gaining 50 pounds.  At any rate, these dishes may taste divine.  I just can’t bring myself to cook them.


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