Have you ever shared good news or a great idea you have only to have it shot down by someone?  It’s sad there are some people who can’t stand it when something good happens to someone else.  These people, often, are those we think actually care about us.  In reality, they are jealous and emotionally threatened by any success or happiness of another person.  These are dangerous people to be around.  Whether they belittle us in obvious ways are dampen our spirit in more subtle ways, they are unsafe associates.  If someone is not happy for us when we are happy, or thankful when good things happen to us, or are supportive of us bettering ourselves, then they are, in fact, enemies.  Avoid people who are downers and especially people who seem envious or resentful.  No good will come from associating with people who want bad for us or want to keep us down.  It’s hard enough to get by let alone succeed sometimes.  It’s only going to make it more difficult when we have “friends” or “loved ones” working against us.  We are infinitely better off alone that we are with people who have an emotional interest in our failure.



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