Mark Twain said “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”.  Most of us have heard someone say “they have book learning but no common sense”.  It’s true that learning takes place in the classroom as well as outside the class room.  I am thankful for some of the things I learned in school (reading, writing, math, and typing for example).  On the other hand, I have gained wisdom from life, others, experience, and the education I’ve received outside the classroom.  I’ve learned valuable lessons from my own mistakes and the mistakes of others.  I don’t minimize the importance of learning in classrooms and I don’t like it when my college education is put down or ridiculed by others (I worked very hard to get my degree and it’s served me well).  There are so many lessons we learn in school outside the actual things being taught (getting along with others, fulfilling commitments, taking responsibility for ourselves, operating in a variety of environments).  Some say the only purpose of the public education system is to prepare children to work in the workforce as adults.  I don’t know if that’s true.  I do know that all opportunities to learn and grow are blessings.  Whether it’s through a class, a book, another person, life, or mistakes–every chance to grow and develop is worth taking advantage of and learning from.


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