One of the reasons I started my blog is to get over my fear of  being rejected by people!  The best way for me to overcome this fear is to actually be rejected by people and realize it won’t kill me–life goes on.  I have posted my opinions, some of which have been potentially provoking, to encourage disagreement and discussion about the different perspectives.   Also, I expected some of my opinions to be challenged.  I hoped for a few negative comments so I could get use to them and practice respecting other people’s opinions whether I agree or not.  It’s easy to interact with people who always agree or remain silent when they disagree.  Who can’t do that?  The real accomplishment is to accept gracefully that people can disagree, even in disrespectful ways, without changing the way I feel about myself.  The point, it’s okay to disagree.  We are all different people from different backgrounds with different life experiences.  It would be highly unlikely if we agreed 100%.  Even people I am close to and love are bound to have many different opinions than I do.  That’s what makes the world so great!  If we were all alike not only would it be boring but we probably would not like each other nearly so well.  How many of us really want to be around someone just like us?  We are annoyed by people because they remind us of the part of ourselves we wish to improve!  I’m soon to start my forth year writing the blog.  One thing that has pleasantly surprised me is how respectful and polite everyone has been!



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