Change is never easy.  We fight to hold on, and we fight to let go (Carolyn Brown).  The ability to quickly adapt to change is one of the greatest skills in life.  Stress can be drastically reduced as our flexibility and resilience builds.  With so many influences outside our circle of control, it’s easy to resist and struggle with change.  In the end, the change occurs whether we like it or not.  Change is inevitable.  Nothing remains the same forever.  It’s unpleasant to be pushed outside our comfort zone.  On the other hand, that is the only way true growth can occur.  Life is better when we continue to move forward, learn new things, and expose ourselves to unfamiliar surroundings.  What we often think of as stress is, in reality, excitement or growing pains.  We all tolerate change at different levels.  Some people seek out change and thrive on novelty and uncertainty.  Others get all bent out of shape over spontaneous and unexpected circumstances.  I tend to be more like the later.  I prefer advance notice with plenty of time to get mentally prepared for whatever I have to face.  My work in mental health, crisis, and suicide prevention has helped me become better able to act quickly to the unexpected.  I have learned that the faster I respond and adjust, the less stress I have and the more effective I become in my work.  The same is true for my relationships. I am a planner and an over-thinker.  I have found, though, that some of the best vacations with Ray (my husband) have been those that were more spontaneous with less planning or with no agenda.  The greatest trip I remember is when we simply put our tent and camping supplies in the trunk of the car and just took off on a road to follow where ever it led.  That was a great time.  I felt so free.  I also remember the exact moment I began to enjoy camping (tent camping).  It was when I decided to stop trying to control every aspect of the experience and simply let go.


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