It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog (Mark Twain).  Sometimes it’s not strength, skill, or advantages that causes a person to succeed.  Often it’s the sheer willingness to keep going no matter what, to keep trying, and to never give up.  People who never give up will eventually succeed.  When we give up too soon because of difficulty, challenge, or disappointment we are eliminating the possibility for success.  We cannot succeed if we don’t even try.  Many times it takes several efforts.  Rarely do we succeed on the very first try.  When things get hard, we need to remember to simply keep going. As long as we are moving forward, regardless of how slowly, we are still making progress.  Whether we were born with many advantages or few, each and every one of us still has some opportunities and the ability to make something meaningful out of our lives.  History is full of people who made it in spite of hardships, set backs, and resistance.  We were never promised an easy, care free life.  Very little in life comes easy.  If it did would we appreciate it?  The effort is often the most rewarding part of obtaining a goal.  People do not always have equal or fair opportunity however we all have some opportunity.  Rather than agonizing, complaining, and feeing sorry for ourselves because someone else has better chances, resources, or opportunities than we do, perhaps we could spend our time and energy making the most of the opportunities we have.  On the other hand, we could also work to make more opportunities for ourselves.  (written 12/3/17 for


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