I don’t understand the way of the world–why things are the way they are.  It is difficult to reconcile what I know about God with the earth as we know it.  I do trust and believe God is in control and there is a greater plan that is unfolding day by day.  People suffer and evil dominates.  The good perish along with the bad.  The bad prospers along with the good.  Clouds rain on all and the sun shines on all. Justice and fairness are not evident.  In spite of the curses and tragedies of life on earth, I still put my faith in God and trust that in the end we will understand and we will say, “Oh–now I get it”.  Until that time I just make it day by day, do the best I can, enjoy what I can, and stand up to the forces of evil when able.  This life is not the end at all and regardless of how wrong things seem and how hard it gets, those of us who belong to Christ are in good hands and can trust the outcome.  We’ve read the book and we know the ending.  It’s just getting there that’s the challenge.  (written on 12/3/17 for


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