Any time we are less than honest we are trading our integrity.  Sometimes we trick ourselves into believing that telling a falsehood “for a greater good” is somehow honorable.  It is not.  Doing the wrong thing for the right reason is still the wrong thing.  How much is our integrity worth?  Is it worth the $2 we save buying a child ticket (or meal) instead of an adult one by lying about our daughter’s age?  Is it worth the lifelong damage to trust in a relationship to avoid a 5 minute argument?  Is it worth the minimal amount of money our time is worth by saying we are on time to work when, if fact, we are late?  If we could take a minute and visualize ourselves handing over a portion of our integrity and taking what we are gaining in return it might cause us to pause a second more and reconsider.  When we are dishonest on any level we erode our own integrity and hurt our self-respect.  We also disparage ourselves in the esteem of others because, let’s face it, people do know when we are not being honest whether they mention it or not.  (written 12/3/17 for

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