Sometimes love blinds a person to like, and although love is important, like is just as much so (Carolyn Brown).  Have you ever said, “I love you but I don’t like you”?  We’ve probably all heard this.  What does it actually mean?  Do you love someone you don’t like being around?  Maybe the behavior is what you don’t like although you love the person.  There are people we love that we don’t agree with and because of what they say or do we don’t like being around them.  I believe it’s not possible to love someone yet not like them.  I think we can dislike someone’s behavior but if we love someone surely we like them as people as well.  I can think of someone I love very much but never like being around.  When I am not around this person I can think of many things I like about her.  It’s just the way she treats me that I don’t like and therefore limit my exposure to her.  I still love her and I still like her.  What do you think?



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