As I have increasingly set boundaries and improved my ability to decline invitations when I am depleted, I have come to dread the holidays less and less.  Understanding my own limitations and taking steps to ensure I do not push myself too far has gone a long way in helping me navigate the holiday season without getting overwhelmed emotionally and physically.  I no longer feel obligated to attend every function I’m invited to and feel comfortable in deciding how much or how little I want to participate in.  I am able to proactively implement self-care strategies that help me enjoy the holiday season and do, in fact, enjoy the Christmas season now.  I avoid committing to an event too far in advance because I really do not know how well I am going to feel when a particular date arrives. With work playing a major role in my emotional and physical status, I have no guaranteed way of controlling what any given week will be like and how much time I will need recharging my battery on the weekends as a result.  We all need to think about how each and every decision we make impacts us physically and emotionally. While we all do need to participate in a few things we may not want to (for love of others) we also need to be careful we don’t set ourselves up for melt-down or resentment.  There is a balance between putting others first and taking care of ourselves that leads to a healthy lifestyle that is neither victim oriented or  inconsiderate of those we care about. (written 12/2/17 for webbwisdom.com)

Feeling Better about the Holidays



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