A clear conscience is the sure sign of a bad memory (Mark Twain).  As fallible humans, we do have selective memories.  Many of us remember in a way that puts ourselves in a better light. Others only remember the bad of their past.  Either way, memory is not always reliable.  Time changes how we remember things and our minds have a way of protecting us from harmful memories.  Over time it gets even worse.  Relying solely on our memory is risky because our memory is not completely accurate.  It’s interesting how people can remember the exact same event differently, often with conflicting details.  Our subconscious mind protects us and moves things around mentally in order to help us cope and remain sane.  While people may remember something differently than we do it’s important to consider the effect the mind itself plays in the process.  We are quick to think others are being deliberately deceptive when, in fact, it may be their minds are helping them remember things in a way that’s not harmful to their personal psyche.  The human brain is an amazing thing and can hardly be completely understood.  By the same logic, people (who are made up of much more than their brain) are also very complicated and cannot likely be completely understood either.


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