Any emotion, if it is sincere, is involuntary (Mark Twain).  Emotions don’t ask permission–they just come.  We cannot control whether we have emotions or not although we can control how we respond to the emotions when they come.  We can get them under control and not allow them to dictate our thoughts or actions.  While we do have feelings and cannot always predict them they are still just feelings.  Feelings are never reasons (although they can be excuses).  Just because we feel angry does not mean we have to act on it or allow the anger to affect our decisions.  In spite of popular opinion, something (or someone) that “makes us feel good” is not necessarily good for us.  As intelligent people, we are capable of thinking and acting in accordance with our decisions regardless of our feelings.  We can simply decide to move past feelings to our logical, thinking side and make much better choices.  Let’s keep emotions in perspective and remember they are the result of a combination of chemical processes and can be affected by many things (such as weather, food, hormones, illness, exercise, and thoughts).  Emotions, in and of themselves, are not necessarily valid pieces of information with which to make a decision by.  While feelings do contain information they are not the only factors available to us.  As mature adults, it’s very important to get a handle on our emotions and not allow every emotion that flits through our body have power over us and our lives.  We can, indeed, act in line with our values rather than our feelings. (webbwisdom.com)



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