Notes taken at the NASW GA Conference in October 2017 during the lecture of Tim Isaacson (Immigration and Social Work Practice)

  1. Recommended TIPPING THE SCALES IN FAVOR OF WELLNESS by Selina Evans.
  2. Motivational Interviewing Principles:
    1. Expressing empathy and avoiding arguing.
    2. Developing discrepancy between current behavior and desired goals or personal values.
    3. Rolling with resistance instead of confronting.
    4. Supporting self-efficacy
  3.  There is an upward spiral (learn from each relapse).
  4. The stages of change are related to behaviors and do not define the person (a person can be in different stages for different behaviors).
  5. Consider the stages of change in reference to suicide risk and intervene to move back to a safer stage (Prochasaka’s Stages of Change).
  6. Assess suicidal risk in terms of pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparatory, and action.
  7. Engage the individual in functional Safety Planning.
  8. Motivational Interviewing is not always the best approach in every situation.
  9. There are new pilot programs in Georgia for the First Episode of Psychosis for ages 16-30.
  10. Empathy starts with listening.
  11. You can’t have empathy if you don’t understand.
  12. Your client is assessing you just like you are assessing them (it goes both ways).
  13. Start first with getting the person’s perception of the problem.
  14. Make information gathering a conversation rather than and interrogation.


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