Notes taken at the NASW GA Conference in October 2017 during the lecture of Janis R. Cohen (The Intuitive Therapist).

  1. Your intuition is always right.
  2. Intuition is what you pick up.
  3. Intention is what you give out.
  4. There are 4 ways to receive information intuitively:
    1. Seeing
    2. Hearing
    3. Feeling
    4. Knowing
  5. 7 steps to tap into your intuition:
    1. Set a clear intention.
    2. Become aware of everything.
    3. Use our imagination and consider everything has meaning.
    4. Document your intuitive vibes or hits.
    5. Trust what you received (don’t second guess yourself).
    6. Take action on what you receive (even if it does not turn out like you wanted it to),
    7. Validate your intuition by noticing how and where it leads to results.
  6. You just know because you know.
  7. The Therapeutic Dance (a good dancer is one who listens to the music).  We dance to the music not to the steps.
  8. If you’ve been in a relationship that involved betrayal it’s because you did not trust yourself.


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