Notes taken at the NASW GA Conference in October 2017 during the lectures of Rena Glass Dixon and Diane Harvey.

  1. If you do not take care of yourself, your health will suffer.
  2. You are not always able to eliminate all sources of stress although you can remove enough to make things more manageable.
  3. TRUE COLORS WORKSHOP (to determine your work personality).
  4. There are 9 competencies for ethical social work practice:
    1. Ethical and professional behavior.
    2. Diversity and difference in practice.
    3. Human Rights and Social Justice.
    4. Practice informed research and research informed practice.
    5. Policy practice.
    6. Engagement with individuals, families, groups, and organizations.
    7. Intervening with individuals, families, groups, and organizations.
    8. Evaluation.
    9. Ethical decision making and self-care.
  5. We have to support each other.
  6. The essence of the code of ethics is to “do no harm”.
  7. Reamer model of ethical decision making.
  8. Policies need to be in writing in regards to social media and technology.
  9. When you stumble, just make it part of the dance.
  10. There are high costs to not taking care of yourself.
  11. (Durkan diet, French–recommended by another attendee).
  12. Use a candle on a candle warmer.
  13. Use of “soaking music” (Christian soaking music).
  14. Personal mission statement:  I live each day in accordance with my values and my goals.  I strive to always do the right thing for the right reason.  I avoid people, places, and situations that do not respect and honor my personal decisions and values as they relate to me and my life.
  15. Prioritizing is a way to set boundaries.
  16. What is my next first thing?
  17. Set your boundaries based on your purpose.
  18. 3 questions:
    1. Who am I?
    2. What do I want?
    3. How can I serve?
  19. “Why the Snowman Melts”
  20. Affirmations:  Praise yourself (be proud of yourself)
  21. Don’t compete with others.
  22. There’s no failure, just lessons.


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