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I went about 3 years without going to the doctor or taking any prescribed medications at all.  That all came to a crashing halt following a serious hypertensive emergency that could have had tragic consequences.  It was a real wake up call for me.   I was forced to return to the doctor for a post emergency room follow up thus beginning the round of catch-up evaluations and, of course, high blood pressure medication that I will be taking every day for the rest of my life (and glad to do it).  I endured the “you’re fat” speech from my beautiful, fit doctor (even though it was disguised in as nice as possible medical language).  Knowing myself, I would not last very long shopping and preparing healthy food.  My lifestyle as a social worker is snatch and grab junk-food and binge on whatever is handy at home.  With much research, I decided to try a food kit delivery service.  There are many to choose from.  Yes, they are expensive but, I assure you, they are much cheaper than my medical expense have been (which were the direct result of my self neglect and horrendous food habits).   I chose HelloFresh because the meals looked like they would satisfy both my husband and me.  I have just completed the second week of meals and I have to say I am impressed.  The food is delicious, the portions are generous, the ingredients are fresh, and the preparation is actually a fun activity my husband and I complete together.  Instead of coming home just to lose myself in my computer, I now look forward to cooking with my husband and discovering what different foods look and taste like.  I’ve been shocked and delighted to see what various herbs are in their natural states!  I highly recommend HelloFresh to anyone who struggles with unhealthy eating habits.  If, like me, you can go weeks without seeing a vegetable, you may find that the creativity and variety of the meals HelloFresh offers will be just the thing to help you cook and eat more nutritious meals.  I want to point out that calorie count has not been a factor at all in the meal selections for me (although most are within recommended limits).  I am convinced if I eat food that has the best ability to provide me  with an abundance of nutrients, my body can manage the rest! The HelloFresh meals are colorful and balanced in nutritional content.  All I have to do is cook, eat, and enjoy!

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