I admit I have some of the strangest dreams.  Many nights I dream about work (mostly deadlines, interruptions, and feeling overwhelmed all night long).  Last night was the weirdest of all and made no sense to me.  For the life of me I could not figure out where it came from.  I dreamed I was defending Freudian therapy all night.  I offered one argument after another as to why, if Freud were removed from the equation, we’d have nothing left in the field of psychotherapy.  Keep in mind, my role at work no longer involves providing therapy of any model.  I am a suicide prevention coordinator, provide case management services, and my only contact with patients is for crisis assessment and intervention.  Besides all of that, when I did provide individual therapy in previous settings, I did not provide Freudian psychotherapy.  I leaned more toward behavioral therapy approaches although I did respect the Freudian concepts which were interwoven throughout the process.  It’s puzzling why I dreamed what I did but at least it wasn’t stressful.


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