Notes taken at the NASW GA Conference October 2017 during the lecture of Wendy L Clifton, Esquire.

  1. 2017 Georgia General Assembly
    1. 180 House Members
    2. 56 State Senators
    3. 236 members of the GA General Assembly represent 11 million Georgians.
    4. They are our best lines of communication to effect change in our state.
    5. How many have you met or do you know?
    6. Meeting your General Assembly Members is the essence of grass roots advocacy.
    7. Attend public hearings–county, city, and state
    8. If you don’t show up and offer your opinion, how do you know you won’t be listened to?
    9. It’s the basics of a democratic system of government.
    10. November 7th are local elections
  2. Your number 1 obligation as a citizen is to vote.  If you don’t vote you have no one to blame about the government.
  3. Some counties in Georgia are 70 miles from the nearest hospital,
  4. There is no one single thing that will fix our health care system (it will take a combination of things.
  5. It’s time we start working together.
  6. Regardless of your political affiliation, your elected officials are YOUR representatives (whether you voted for them or not).


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